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The 13th Annual Duke Start-Up Challenge Grand Finale



婷婷爸爸妈妈开车8个小时去杜克大学给宝贝女儿助威! 不虚此行!看看晓明笑得多灿烂。 比分是有惊无险,婷婷的团队是遥遥领先。 领奖后的喜悦 详情请看: 母亲的报喜“伊妹儿”: Nanoly won the Duke Start-Up Challenge $50K Grand Prize! What a journey it has been with Ting-Ting and her teammates. They are so awesome! Their start up has won a total of $70k!! Congrats girls! Thank you to everyone who supported us! Xiaoqing

Interview with Ting-Ting Zhou of Nanoly‏

小青来信: We will drive down to Duke early tomorrow morning to cheer her up.  The final competition starts on 7:30pm tomorrow. 😀 Thanks again for all your supports!!  Have a nice weekend!